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FREEMASONRY focuses on making good men better through its teachings

Freemasons are men who professes a belief and places their trust in the Supreme Deity, regardless of the name they associate with that Supreme Deity (i.e., God, Jehovah, Allah, Great Spirit, or any other name used in his religious affiliation). Freemasons apply the image of working tools used in the builders trades as well as the Holy Writings (of their chosen faith) to remind them of the moral and ethical truths. Living these truths serves for the betterment of life and good for mankind.

We Freemasons bind ourselves together with good and like minded men; in a worldwide fraternal organization of brotherhood that transcends all origin, ethnic, cultural, social, religious, economic, political, or educational differences. We actively seek out ways in which to serve God, our family, our fellowman, and our country, all in fellowship with our brethren in this Honorable Order of Freemasonry. We dedicate ourselves to experiencing truth and freedom for others and ourselves through enlightenment, obedience to the laws of the land under whose protection we live, honesty with our fellowman, and integrity in all aspects of human behavior, and charity to the best of our abilities.

Freemasonry is the world's oldest and largest fraternal organization, an educational and charitable Order of Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God, dedicating ourselves to moral conduct, mutual respect, relief, and leadership; benevolence and altruism; promoting the welfare and happiness for mankind as our duty. We find clues of Freemasonry's existence in ancient times; but we can't document definite proof of its age as a fraternity. But it's evident that much likeness was in those ancient organizations of men to modern Freemasonry; men enjoying the sharing of fellowship with each other, learning together how to practice the virtues of honesty, tolerance, and integrity in their daily lives.

Freemasons realize that it's a blessing to our minds and our souls to perform acts of kindness and good deeds for others, without feeling it necessary to receive anything in return. Therefore we try to contribute, not always monetarily, but sometimes of time and ourselves. We therefore live our lives in such a manner as to make this world a better place because of the virtuous life we live while on God's earth.

Freemasons know that their choices and means of worship will be respected by their fellows in the brotherhood and we mutually agree to never impose our individually chosen faith on one another. We are expected to have a belief in the Supreme Deity, by whatever our concept or name we have for Him. Freemasonry is not intended to be a religion, a substitute for religion, or a replacement of our devotion to the means and places of worship of our chosen faith. We offer no sacraments, religious doctrines, nor do we make claims to saving of souls. However, we do actively encourage each individual's study of the Sacred Writings pertinent to our individual choice of religious faith.

There is more to becoming a Freemason than just to pay a few dollars and be a "club member." Freemasonry isn't just a social club; it is truly a way of life. If you think this way of life is what you want for your life, take the time to seek out a current member of this ancient worldwide fraternity of brotherhood and express your interest. Keep asking until you have a petition and it submitted to a Lodge for consideration.