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Community Service

Freemasons work towards the greater good

Masons Make a Difference Every Day

Most men join the Masonic Fraternity primarily for the opportunity to perform meaningful community service. Freemasonry is the most charitable fraternal organization in the world, offering both time and money to be of service to others.

Masons donate over two million dollars every day to charity.  That is over half a billion dollars each year going to support national, regional, and local community organizations.

Making a Difference Nationally

Masonry has many branches, all of which have special charities that they support:

Making a Difference Locally

With Lodges spread out across the country, Masons have a tremendous local impact: Members are encouraged to seek out and suggest causes to support.  If there is a pressing local need, the Masons will do whatever possible to provide assistance.  Interest in joining us?  Click Here to contact us and learn more about how you can make a difference.